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Mark Comerford


'I’m motivated by movement!'

I find it amazing that some people still manage to function despite the way they move. These people are good for business! It provides a sense of satisfaction in being able to explain why their symptoms are linked to their movement habits, and then being able to change their movement patterns and habits and watch the changes in symptoms and function.


I trained as a physiotherapist in 1980 and have been on a journey, searching for the ‘holy grail’ of trying to understand movement and function ever since. I have been developing models of trying to understand good movement function; developing simple and structured ways of assessing and evaluating what goes wrong with movement when pain and disability come to visit and then don’t go away; and then developing principles and strategies of movement correction to help evict these unwelcome guests. Being one of the founding Directors of Kinetic Control and Movement Performance Solutions has allowed me to work with and learn from a lot of very talented people.


I have had a lot of help along the way from mentors and brilliant brains like Shirley Sahrmann, Gwen Jull, Paul Hodges and Lorimer Mosley. I now work with a great team of like-minded movement professionals such as Sarah Mottram and the rest of the Kinetic Control and Performance Stability team. Our aim is to return to movement therapies some of the knowledge, clinical insights, clinical reasoning skills and therapeutic applications of movement control that we have learned from others, and that we have developed and ‘fine tuned’ over the years.


I do this through the Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix training courses and consultancy. Being a principal partner in Performance Rehab (Brisbane, Australia), I also keep my hands and head ‘active’ by working clinically. Performance Rehab was established with the mission of providing a multidimensional approach to the management of musculoskeletal pain, movement dysfunction and elite level functional performance. I also provide teaching, training and support for both undergraduate and postgraduate university education in the UK and Australia. I am also a current board member of the Sports Medicine Australia (Queensland).


I have had the advantage of being able to gain a diverse experience working with all levels of pain, dysfunction and disability in the community. This includes people at one end of the spectrum who have a long history of chronic and recurrent musculo-skeletal pain with a ‘desperate look’ in their eyes, to elite level sporting competitors and teams at the other end of the spectrum. I have had the opportunity to have worked as a performance and rehab consultant for various sporting and professional organisations including the Chicago Bulls (NBA), Washington Wizards (NBA), West Side Dance & Physical Therapy (New York City Ballet), Vermeil Sport & Fitness (USA) and Athletes’ Performance (USA).


My special interest is in the development of clinically relevant models of movement function and dysfunction, and understanding the influence of pain on movement and muscle function and the enhancement of performance. I also believe passionately in the need to for clinicians to use diagnostic subgroups of movement dysfunction and to use clinical reasoning in frameworks based on evidence-based practice to improve the standards of therapeutic exercise in ‘best practice’. I have published papers on movement and muscle function; the integration of local and global muscle training to enhance joint stability; and core stability training. I have had the opportunity to travel as an invited speaker at numerous international conferences. I also get to go to interesting places and meet lots of interesting people while delivering training courses internationally on the area of assessment of movement dysfunction and performance, and the use of exercise and movement training to best manage movement dysfunction and enhance performance.


I have a wonderful family who miss me when I’m away from home and support me when I’m back causing all sorts of trouble.


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