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KC Movement retraining catalogue

Now in production


First KC course in UAE

with Padmanaban Sekaran in May



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Pablo Marinho sums up his recent trip to Mexico

I was invited around 6 weeks ago by Estefania Portillo, a physiotherapy student from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua-UACH, to go Mexico to present a lecture and a course in a Student Congress held in Chihuahua, her city. Having just got back, I’d like to share the lovely experience I had there…


Proprioception and movement control

and cleaning the lens of the 6th sense


TPM Pro Platform

Newly available package from The Performance Matrix


 The Performance Matrix


Check out The TPM Pro

The TPM Pro is our comprehensive package for all movement professionals including clubs and clinics, and personal trainers. It is a unique tool that maximises your ability to FIND, ANALYSE and FIX uncontrolled movement faults in your clients. Implementing The Performance Matrix into your everyday practice, will allow you to successfully implement movement retraining for your clients and enhance your business.

click here for more details 

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