Welcoming Tutor Jocke Heuer to the KC Team

28th November 2016

Kinetic Control is delighted to welcome new tutor Jocke Heuer to the team.  Here Jocke explains why he wanted to join us in delivering the KC message and education.

Why do you want to join the KC tutor team?

This question was thrown at me during the latest gathering of KC tutors & TPM consultants. I´ve been teaching manual therapy regularly since 2001 and joined the TPM consulting team in 2012. To be honest, I enjoy teaching no matter what the subject!

I became a physiotherapist in 1995, took my exam in manual therapy in 2000 and a couple of years later when I wanted to look more at movement, Kinetic Control popped up on the radar. I attended my first course in 2006 and really fell for the structured system on how to evaluate movement and address movement faults. The following years I attended most of their regional courses but in 2011 a couple of my colleague and myself decided ‘enough with the fiddling and cheating, let´s do this for real!’ So, we went to Twickenham for The Movement Solution. The Movement Solution consisted of three intensive weeks spread over a year, with a lot of reflection and homework in between; during the course I realised ‘I can do all the manual treatment in the world, and do it well, but unless I can teach my patients how to move properly we will never reach our goal.’ 

So, to answer the question, why? 

KC provides a structural way of looking at movement and addressing uncontrolled movement, in combination with a framework for clinical reasoning. It helps me in my everyday work and I´m convinced it can help more physios regardless of the area of physiotherapy they practice in.… and I´ll be glad to teach them how. 

Jocke graduated as a Physiotherapist from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden in 1995 and became a private practitioner in 1998, sitting his postgraduate exam in Manual Therapy in 2000. Jocke has been periodically teaching Manual Therapy at the Karolinska Institute and also worked for four seasons for both hockey (DIF 01-04) and football clubs (DIF 06-09) as the team physiotherapist. He has also completed one tour to Kosovo as a physiotherapist for the Military and UN-soldiers. 

We really welcome Jocke and look forward to him delivering courses in Sweden and other territories.

Here's Jocke enjoying some downtime with his lovely dog!

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