Welcoming new KC Movement Therapist James Morgan to the Network

23rd March 2016

James Morgan AKA Barefoot Physio joins the Kinetic Control Movement Therapsit network.

Having completed The Movement Solution and participated in the KC eduation programme for a number of years, we are delighted that James has now joined our network as an accredited Movement therapist.  The Barefoot Physio clinic is located in Exeter, Devon, UK and full details of the services provided can be found here

In James's own words:

"I have always been inspired by how the human body moves and functions which has led me to believe in hands-on treatment to improve and alleviate all manner of problems. I am fascinated by the detective aspect of physiotherapy – investigating the root cause of physical dysfunction and discovering previously undiagnosed and underlying conditions."

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To become a KCMTand gain an internationally recognised accreditation you must have complete:

The Movement Solution or

All courses in Level 1, Level 2 and 4 courses in level 3 or

Completed the Keele University Module Movement Control Retraining of Movement Dysfunction

For more details on how to join the global team, and add this universally recognised accreditation to your continual professional development and the skills it supplies to your business offering click here

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