Welcoming Szymon Gryckiewicz, new Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor

1st February 2016

A few words about our newest member to the KC Team, Szymon Gryckiewicz, Poland

Having first developed an interest in biomechanics and motion analysis whilst attending medical university in his native Poland, Szymon sees the value of movement in the management of pain and dysfucntion. This belief in movement assessment and movement retraining is one of Szymon’s main passions, driving his professional practice and underpinning his course teaching. It was this ability to diagnose, and manage patients’ movement impairments,through a systemised approach that initially attracted Szymon to the Kinetic Control (KC) process. KC courses now provide the perfect opportunity for Szymon’s to deliver these skills to other clinicans, helping their patients move towards pain-free living.

For a number of years he has been working closely with fellow Kinetic Control tutor, MichaÅ‚ HadaÅ‚a, in the running of workshops, courses, and research collaborations. Since 2013, the Orvit Clinic, in Torun, has seen him co-operating with a number of local orthopaedic surgeons and working with talented athletes from the region’s sports clubs, delivering movement focussed retraining following both acute and overload injuries.

For full details on KC courses in Poland visit the KC Book A Course page or contact organiser Grzegorz Kuzdro directly on: 
Mob:  +48 535 002 686 / 515 120 001 (Poland)

Our internationally recognised assessment framework and retraining strategy offers a structured approach to help you optimise movement health. By implementing Kinetic Control, you will benefit from a system that is clinically proven to produce outstanding results. Comprehensively researched and supported by the latest understanding of movement impairment, you will be able to deliver quicker recovery rates, reduce recurrence of pain and enhance your patients’ quality of life.

You can find details and links to some useful publications and articles via the fizio-sport website

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