The Movement Solution Two: Moving Further returns this October

26th January 2017

We are excited to announce the return of 'The Movement Solution Two: Moving Further', this October in London.  Mark Comerford leads this 5 day masterclass, which takes The Movement Solution further into understanding how to manage multi-joint dysfunctions; so if you only sign up to one masterclass this year, make it this one and learn how to deal with these problem patients!

Course Outline

A Masterclass with Mark Comerford exploring: the in depth assessment and diagnosis of uncontrolled movement, the clinical application and modification of retraining strategies and how these fit with other aspects of neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation. The course explores how to best manage mechanical pain and dysfunction when neurogenic pain is significant clinical feature.

Following this course you will be able to:
  • Perform a systematic movement assessment to make diagnoses of Uncontrolled Movement in the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, pelvic joints and the hip
  • Understand the links between restrictions of motion, movement compensation strategies and the development of Uncontrolled Movement
  • Discuss the relationship between Uncontrolled Movement and the development of pain
  • Determine priorities of management in multi joint dysfunction
  • Recognise the clinical features that differentiate mechanical / infammatory neuromusculo-skeletal pain and neurogenic pain
  • Understand the differences in clinical presentation of peripheral neurogenic pain mechanisms and centerally mediated neurogenic pain
  • Discuss strategies to manage central neurogenic pain, peripheral neurogenic pain and mechanical / inflammatory neuromusculoskelatal pain
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess for pain related low threshold recruitment changes in local and global muscles function
  • Use evidenced based literature to support the choice to retraining strategies to correct pain related recruitment changes
  • Discuss the clinical reasoning process behind the choice of movement retraining strategies to manage complex multi-joint pain
  • Use clinical reasoning processes to evaluate and plan the management of complex musculoskeletal pain

Course content will include:

  • Where we are at with movement control impairments
  • Assessment, mobilisation and movement control retraining of the Thoracic Spine and Ribcage
  • Assessment and diagnosis of sacro-iliac joint complex
  • Sequencing the mobilisation of sacro-iliac joint restrictions
  • Global movement control retraining of direction specific sacral and innominate Uncontrolled Movements
  • Diagnosis and local muscle movement control retraining of segmental sacro-iliac joint instability
  • Differentiating and managing concurrent mechanical peripheral neurogenic and central neurogenic pain in the pelvis
Integrating movement control retraining into an advanced movement solution: Managing pain and dysfunction with 6 MOVEMENT SOLUTION STRATEGIES
  1. Unload pathology
  2. Mobilise restrictions
  3. Stabilise the neutral core
  4. Control the non neutral core
  5. Challenge dynamic control of the core
  6. Integrate into skill base function
    • Clinical differentiation and strategies for best dealing with concurrent hip, pelvic joint and spinal pain
    • Refining and progressing movement retraining options


Don't just take our word for it, here's what past participants have said about this course when surveyed....

What was the best aspect of the course?

“The high level of professionalism throughout the very specific Clinical skills Mark taught”

“The tutors were excellent as well as the content of the course”

 “Mark Comerford, his skills and knowledge! - Mark, you are the best!”

 “A logical assessment and treatment frame work for the SIJ and linking with Lumbar and hip pain”

 “Love listening to Mark talk. Also loved the clinical decision making aspect of the course”

 “The practical training and of course Mark´s enthusiastic way of teaching”

“Practical handling of joint testing and the overall picture. An eye opener when it comes to PGP”

“The lecturer was so clear and interesting in every aspect both teaching and demonstrating his skills”

Do you feel confident to apply this material to your clinical practice?

“Totally, I cannot wait to go over the material and apply it as effectively as I can”

Please provide any other feedback/comments below:

“It was again a brilliant event to attend and will highly recommend it to every physiotherapist I meet and know”

Download an application form HERE to secure a place on this year's course





Keywords: The Movement Solution, Kinetic Control Education