The Movement Solution One 2016 Feedback

15th November 2016

The Movement Solution is now in its tenth year and its popularity spreading across the globe, being delivered in many countries and languages.  The Movement Solution One 2016 UK course contingent recently completed Part 3, the final section, and we gathered some feedback from the participants. Here's what they had to say along with some photos from the The Movement Solution Three: Moving the Boundaries Masterclass, which took place a while back in October...

What was the best aspect of the course?

"It allowed me to put together a new procedure for assessment that made planning and implementing treatment smart and efficient."

"The brilliance of Mark and Sarah and how they presents and explains everything in a way that everyone understands."

"The theoretical and practical integration of KC to already learned and applicated therapy within a complex and convincing clinical reasoning process."

"Sound clinical reasoning and depth of delivery."

Of everybody who responded to the participant feedback survey, all of them agreed:  
  • They felt confident to apply the material to their clinical practice
  • The course was good value for money
  • Comprehensive teaching materials presented clearly and efficelvely
  • The right balance of theory v practical


"The Movement Solution has been a course I have wanted to do ever since I first read one of Mark and Sarah's research papers. It did not disappoint. It is current, if not ahead of its time, and I have no doubt it will change the way I work and continue to develop me for many years."

"Fantastic course that has helped me understand the importance of movement. The results with my clients have also been brilliant with applying these skills to the treatment."

"Thanks to the whole team of Kinetic Control for organising this wonderful possibility to get taught the complex system movement retraining...hopefully one day also available in Germany!"

"Great course delivered really well. My practice will be altered from now on. Good stuff"

"Great course with an emphasis on good clinical reasoning as a framework for the management of moment impairment and offers a logical approach to treatment along the kinetic chain. The whole approach has enabled me to critically evaluate my treatment and my integration of other modalities. Drawing on their clinical and academic backgrounds, the tutors were refreshingly generous with their knowledge,providing a course attracting participants from varied treatment settings, many internationally." 

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Are you ready for The Movement Solution 2017?

We still have some spots available on the course beginning in March 2017

2017 dates for the London, UK course are:

  • Part 1: 6-10 March 2017
  • Part 2: 5-9 June 2017
  • Part 3: 9-13 October 2017

Recently updated, the module is full of new material based on current research - the perfect route to become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist.

  • You will become an expert in the diagnosis, classification and motor control retraining of uncontrolled movement at the lumbar spine, hip, cervical spine and shoulder girdle
  • Learn the all-important link between movement impairments  symptoms, disability, activity restrcitons  and neurophysiological changes
  • The quickest and most efficient way to enhance your service delivery
  • Become fully equipped to put the latest research findings into practice

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  photos from the tms 3 masterclass 








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