The Movement Solution Belgium

21st January 2016

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The Movement Solution 2016

If you decide that Kinetic Control offers the right solution for you, then by the end of this 15 day inclusive course you will be fully equipped to diagnose, classify and implement motor control retraining of uncontrolled movement.

Recently updated, the module is full of new material based on current research - the perfect route to become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist.

  • You will become an expert in the diagnosis, classification and motor control retraining of uncontrolled movement at the lumbar spine, hip, cervical spine and shoulder girdle
  • Learn the skills to find the all-important link between uncontrolled movement and symptoms, disability, recurrence and dysfunction
  • The quickest and most efficient way to enhance your service delivery
  • Become fully equipped to put the latest research findings into practice


Part 1: 18-22 Feb, Part 2: 9-13 June, Part 29 Sept-3 Oct 2016
Contact: Koen Schoolmeesters
+ 32 16 57 00 25

other locations


Part 1: 7-11 March, Part 2: 6-10 June, Part 3: 7-11 November 2016
Contact: Alice Boyle
+44 (0)1243 786555


Part 1: 10-14 March, Part 2: 16-20 June, Part 3: 6-10 October 2016
Contact:Georgios Karampalis
+30 2310 239782


Part 1: 17-20 March, Part 2: 28 Apr-1 May, Part 3: 19-22 May Part 4: 2-5 June 2016
Contact: Grzegorz Kuzdro
+48 535 002 686

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Full course details and programme can be seen here

Last year we had a full house for TMS 2. In 2016 we are hosting The Movement Solution 3: Moving The Boundaries
Oct 24-28 Oct 2016 London, UK

No course prerequisites so come along and have a movement week.


Key Features

  • 5-Day Clinical Masterclass with Mark Comerford
  • Detailed evaluation, mobilisation and movement retraining of the upper rib, and arm.
  • Detailed evaluation, mobilisation and movement retraining of the knee, foot and ankle.
  • Clinical differentiation and strategies for best dealing with concurrent neck, upper rib, shoulder and arm pain and lower leg, lumbar and pelvic pain
  • Assessment, differentiation, mobilisation and movement control retraining for Thoracic Outlet

Read full details, including learning outcomes and course programme here

To book a place contact: Alice Boyle
+44 (0)1243 786555

Improve your client's quality of life. Discover how to take them to the next level of rehab by learning smarter movement retraining strategies

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