Student Feedback from Kinetic Control Spain

7th December 2015

Our partners in Spain Fisio-Sports share some testimonials from students in this video


Kinetic Control ¿funciona? Los alumnos responden. Terapia, función, dolor, MOVIMIENTO, Activación muscular, VALORACIÓN fallo, ENTRENAMIENTO, Integración, ANALISIS


Que hacemos?

Kinetic Control busca la estabilidad y movimiento correcto, sin dolor. Para llegar a un correcto diagnóstico, es preciso realizar determinados tests de valoración articular, muscular y el diagnóstico de la funcionalidad muscular. Con Kinetic Control, buscamos la estabilización central, el control motor, la biomecánica y la estabilidad dinámica. En pocas palabras, se busca el correcto movimiento. La estabilización, activación de la musculatura local y global, conseguir amplitud articular y conseguir la fuerza necesaria, son los conceptos que definen Kinetic Control. Conseguir un correcto patrón de movimiento, eliminar el dolor en nuestros pacientes y evitar que éstos sean recurrentes es nuestro objetivo principal.



Kinetic Control works? Students respond . Therapy, function, pain , motion, muscle activation , ASSESSMENT failure , training, integration, analysis

What do we do?

Kinetic Control seeks stability and proper movement without pain. To arrive at a correct diagnosis, it is necessary to make certain valuation tests joint, muscle and diagnosis of muscular functionality. With Kinetic Control, we seek core stabilization, motor control, biomechanics and dynamic stability. In short, we seek the right move. Stabilization, activation of local and global muscles, get range of motion and get the necessary strength, they are the concepts that define Kinetic Control. Getting a correct pattern of movement, eliminate pain in our patients and prevent them from being recurring is our main goal .

To see more from Fisio-Sports, our Kinetic Control representative in Spain, take a look at their You Tube channel here and visit the website

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