KC Seminar in Beijing with A-Truly

26th November 2015

KC's first seminar in Beijing China at A-Truly Clinics.

Managing Movement: Identifying & retraining movement impairments to optimise Movement Health

with Sarah Mottram

Thankyou to every one at A-Truly for fun and memorable experience in Beijing and looking forward to future colloborations

Key features:

  • Movement as a key to optimal living and quality of life to promote health and activity participation.
  • Movement health - ‘a desired state that is not only injury free but also a state that allows the individual to choose how to move’ (McNeill 2015). If part of movement health is having choice about how you move then choice is control and control is choice.

  • Focus on the latest evidence and literature to support the need to evaluate and retrain movement efficiency/control/choice to reduce recurrence of pain and enhance patients’ quality of life. Attention  on the influence of movement and movement quality in respect to injury occurrence, recurrence and performance. In addition, the importance of managing movement impairments in all active people including those in elite sport will be explored, to improve performance and minimise the risk of injury.

  • Assessment of movement impairments using movement control tests. Movement control tests identify the Site and Direction & ThresholdTM of uncontrolled movement (movement impairments). Outline of retraining strategies

Keywords: Lecture Seminar Workshop