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29th September 2015

Hi Everyone!

From we want to summarise briefly the activities done in 2015, and the forth coming events in the next 2016.

Because of your interest and cooperation the Third Edition of the Kinetic Control® Course in Valencia was a complete success. The Movement Solution Editions in Barcelona and Mallorca also were completely full. Movement fever spreads all over Mediterranean Sea!


Our team carried out several workshops last year, always free for our attendees, in  La Universidad Miguel Hernández (13.05.2015) and in la Facultad de Fisioterapia de la Universitat de València (20.05.2015). We moved also to Universidad Alcalá de Henares to disseminate our point of view about physical therapy (20.06). Thanks for your attendance and involvement.

Tutor Michal Hadala with students in Valencia
The Movement Solution Barcelona 2014-2015
Tutor Michal Hadala in action!
KC Conference Alicante
Students and Michal in Valencia

During the next months, and, of course, in 2016, the courses will go on in every venue. As a novelty, we will include electromyography measurements during the lessons, to check in a more objective way the benefit of proposed retraining exercises. The team keeps to foster workshops in new sites like Universidad Cardenal Herrera –CEU and some would be included in official Master Degrees like Universidad Católica San Vicente Mártir.

Please, keep up for updates in two new courses we are managing for late 2016, for managing movement dysfunction impairments in the thorathic gorge and knee and ankle.


Keep track! Dates and sites of every event will be published in our Fanpage. We count on you!

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