New KC 2016 - Kinetic Control Education in Movement

29th January 2016

2016 sees the launch of our new modular system.

Our focus is delivering education to help your optimise your movement skills to allow your patients to move well and live well.

How your patients’ move influences their experience of everyday life, sometimes with significant consequences. Everyone moves differently and there is no right or wrong way. However, movement impairments can cause big problems that you’ll need to fix. This is why how you diagnose and manage each person is so important.

Our modular system:

Level 1: Movement Impairments – Movement Matters

So here we get you started on our functional movement courses. A series of two day course help you to put in place the practical application of Kinetic Control. This Level 1 introduction gives you the skills you need to find and analyse the movement dysfunctions / impairments that contribute to impaired function and pain.
This stage has 3 courses that can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Each module focuses on a broad topic that will benefit all movement practitioners.

Solutions for movement impairments of the low back and hip
  • Find out why movement matters
  • Discover how impairments influence function and symptoms at the low back and hip
  • You’ll learn specific movement control tests that apply to the low back and hip
  • We will focus on cognitive movement control retraining – both in terms of strategy and application
  • Our approach will help you match retraining to your patient’s goals and priorities

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Solutions for movement impairments of the neck and shoulder
  • Find out why movement is so fundamental to wellbeing
  • Learn how impairments influence function and symptoms at the neck and shoulder
  • We’ll equip you with movement control tests especially designed for the neck and shoulder
  • Cognitive movement control retraining – strategy and application
  • Whatever your patient’s priorities we’ll provide appropriate retraining skills

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Movement, alignment and coordination
  • We’ll start by thinking about why movement matters
  • You’ll look at a number of aspects that influence movement control
  • There will be a focus on muscle synergies, covering: movement, symptoms and recurrence
  • You’ll develop an understanding of the association between alignment and posture and their implications for movement control
  • There is also a section that centres on co-ordination: looking at the role of recruitment and patterns
  • It’s important to understand how relative flexibility and relative stiffness relates to movement control in different instances
  • The course also provides you with a deeper understanding of alignment and evaluation
  • You’ll be able to identify synergistic patterns in functional activities affecting the low back, hip, shoulder, girdle and neck

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LEvel 2: Optimising Movement Efficiency to Manage Recurrence and Improve Function

When undertaking any activity or sport being able to properly control movement has an impact on how a person performs and feels. At this next level of our physical therapist courses, you be given the skills to evaluate and retrain optimum efficiency.

With these Level 2 courses, you have the choice of multiple modular options that can be taken at any time to suit your CPD requirements.

Level Two: Two Day Courses
  • Movement efficiency for the low back and hip
  • Movement efficiency for the neck and shoulder
  • Targeting local muscle training

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We look forward to welcoming you on one of our international courses

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