Kinetic Control Level 1 Movement, Alignment & Coordination in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

13th August 2015

KC tutor Pablo Marinho recently delivered the new Level 1 course 'Movement, Alignment & Coordination' in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; read on to find out a bit more about what the participants took away from the teaching...

The Level 1 introduction gives students the skills needed to find and analyse the movement dysfunctions that contribute to impaired function and pain.  The module focuses on a broad topic that benefits all movement practitioners.

Students learnt that one of the most fundamental therapeutic skills is being able to evaluate the efficiency of movement control.The course provided simple and effective strategies to help  correct and optimise movement. Attending the course enables participants to adopt a new range of tools that are essential for the whole spectrum of therapists.

The students on the Level 1 Movement, Alignment & Coordination training with tutor Pablo Marinho

Level 1 students  - by the end of this series of courses they will have achieved Kinetic Control Level One Certification; Pablo looks forward to returning to Belo Horizonte in November to deliver more level 1 training

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