The 2018 Movement Conference Masterclass

26th November 2017

Sunday 25th March 2018, Southampton FC

Following The 2018 Movement Conference 24th March

March 25th, 2018, is a Sunday supplying the chance to change how you manage movement on the Monday 26th and forever. Comprised of practical applications of movement solutions, drawn from multi-disciplinary expertise (performance to pain, rehabilitation to research) the day will provoke thoughts, questions and answers but will put movement first.

The day’s mix of highly experienced clinicians and coaches are drawn from high performance sport, highly successful private practice, current research and contemporary peer reviewed publications. All will share not only their passion for movement as the intervention of choice but also their insight on the implementation of movement retraining strategies for all.

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Session 1: Practical application of Strength and Conditioning in running (Rich Blagrove)


Emerging perspectives are beginning to shed new light upon how to influence what some regard as an innate and purely hardwired process: running. Recently, John Kiely’s (2017) excellent paper described the human as ‘the robust running ape’, an entity possessing the capacity to manage the complexities of sustained running performance due to evolutionary features. In this session, performance coach, educator and author Rich Blagrove illustrates how the fundamental human ability to run can be influenced and changed through the application of S & C principles.


Session 2: Integrating Movement Retraining into Programme Design (Jeannette Hoftijzer & Lincoln Blandford)

Great attention is paid to exercise scheduling, load monitoring, the interaction between volume and intensity and the employment of recovery strategies. If targeted movement retraining can support athletes’ and clients’ long-term goal achievement, how is this intervention to be blended in to periodised programmes? In this session Lincoln and Jeannette, present and illustrate how to exploit a range of retraining opportunities that currently exist within well-designed performance programmes, in order to support time-efficient movement management for the long-term. Additionally, once movement retraining becomes entwined with performance focussed outcomes there is the need for a process of give and take between sports medicine and S&C staff and their perspectives; where is the common ground between these sometimes-misaligned departments. In this session movement is suggested as representing the common and universal language helping to unite departments.

Session 3: Managing the Hip Through Movement: Retraining Insights (Steve Sparks)


For many athletes, hip health is typically central to both their career success and performance longevity. In this session, Southampton FC’s U23 physiotherapist Steve Sparks presents the case for his delivery of highly targeted movement retraining with his athletes. The session aims to help ensure all clients’ hips stay robust and efficient in the face of performance, lifestyle and lifespan challenges.


Session 4: Synergies of the Neck and Shoulder (Mark Comerford)

Suggestive of its primary importance to allowing human interaction with the world, the human neck and shoulder possess huge amounts of motor redundancy, with many muscles possessing the capacity to perform the same role. This potential to share movement roles allows for the formation of muscle synergies. In this session, Technical Director of Movement Performance Solutions (Kinetic Control & The Performance Matrix (TPM)) supplies clinical tools to evaluate the efficiency of each synergist around the neck and shoulder to so as to support the management of pain, pathology and both initial and recurrent injury risk.


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