Mark Comerford's UK Autumn Schedule

29th September 2015

Senior tutor and KC founder Mark Comerford returns to the UK this autumn in Kinetic Control's 20th year at the forefront managing movement control.

There is still time to book on to his Solutions for the Hip and Lower leg course at Derby hospital, organised by our partners NCORE who are veterans at helping deliver the KC model which enables you to achieve movement outcomes faster, change the way you practice day-to-day and allow you to find the right solutions for all your clients.

The purpose of these courses is to focus on expert skill development to manage impairments and optimise movement. The aim is to expand your horizons of clinical competence, with patient focused care and clinical reasoning an integral element of the programme.

Key features for the Hip element are:

  • what goes wrong with the control of hip movement when people have pain
  • how to test for uncontrolled flexion, extension, rotation and translation of the hip
  • how prioritize the where to start therapeutic exercise and how to develop progressions
This course will help you to:
  • re-evaluate muscle function around the hip
  • identify direction - related uncontrolled movement related to symptoms
  • identify and retrain abnormal strategies and patterns within the global muscle system
  • diagnose instability mechanisms of the hip and assess for motor control dysfunction in the local muscle system
  • determine the optimal retraining strategy to restabilize the ‘clicky’ or unstable hip using an evidence based clinical reasoning framework
  • design specific individual retraining programmes

Key features for the Lower Leg are:

  • Gait and lower limb alignment analysed from the perspective of restriction and compensation developing into uncontrolled movement
  • The development of dysfunction-specific retraining programmes to regain functional stability of the hip and lower leg based on a clinical reasoning framework
  • You will develop a comprehensive understanding of movement control impairments and restrictions that impede normal function. You will gain the ability to evaluate and diagnose movement control impairments. We will then also explore a variety of approaches to mobilising relevant restrictions. This goes hand in hand with consolidating your understanding of movement control retraining, improving efficiency and ensuring you can achieve functional recovery for your patients.

To book on to this course please enquire via our booking page here or contact NCORE's Alison Downing: tel: 01332 254739 / 01332 2546

Click here to go to NCOREs course listing page.

KC's  next course following this one at NCORE will be Solutions for the Lower Back with Sarah Mottram on 23-26 February 2016

To read Marks post on his reflections on 20 years of Kinetic Control, click here

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