Masterclass with Mark Comerford on SIJ, Thoracic Spine & Ribs

26th July 2017
23-27 October, London UK

5-day standalone Masterclass with Mark Comerford drilling down into understanding how to manage multi-joint dysfunctions. Find out what’s wrong, evaluate it, fix it and restore it.

Restore and control movement in the SIJ, Thoracic Spine and Ribs.

Understand the biomechanics of what goes on with these joints - use a battery of movement tests to systematically evaluate what goes on so you can make a diagnosis.

Become an expert clinician, fix problem patients!

No pre-requisite required

In the video below Mark explains what you can take away from the 5-day masterclass



“Practical handling of joint testing and the overall picture. An eye opener when it comes to PGP”

 “A logical assessment and treatment frame work for the SIJ and linking with Lumbar and hip pain”

“The lecturer was so clear and interesting in every aspect both teaching and demonstrating his skills”


More course details here


Keywords: Kinetic Control, Mark Comerford, Courses