Kinetic Control Book: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement

9th November 2016

This text is designed as a clinical reference to develop knowledge of the examination, diagnosis and classification of uncontrolled movement and the management of movement impairments.

Detailed explanation of evidence and research underpinning motor control impairments and movement retraining

  • Unique sub classification system of musculoskeletal disorders and pain
  • Region specific testing -step by step instructions for assessment, diagnosis, classification and treatment using Kinetic Control's unique system

Kinetic Control: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement
by Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram

Highly illustrated with clear step by step instructions for treatment of Lumbar, Cervical and Thoracic Spine, Shoulder and Hip .

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Here's what people say about the book...

"The accessibility, sequential layout and logical development of complex concepts to a relatively advanced level provides enough for this book to be a valuable reference and clinical guide for students, experienced clinicians and teachers alike."

"This extraordinary book approaches the uncontrolled movement in an easy way to understand a new technique. It begins at the basics and covers all areas that you need to understand on uncontrolled movement as it progresses to the complex issues."

"I found this to be a brilliant book which describes the causes of uncontrolled movement and how to manage them. The book does a great job of laying the foundations of knowledge before going in to more detail making it all very easy to understand."

"Fantastic book which has helped me prescribe appropriate exercise & massage treatments to my clients."


In addition to our text Sarah Mottram, Mark Comerford and the Kinetic Control Team have published process and research papers in peer reviewed journals. A selection of papers. follows;

  • Comerford MJ - 2016 Exercise therapy: Spine Chapter 63 In textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine (Eds. Hutson M & Ward A) Oxford University Press
  • Mischiati C, Comerford M, Gosford E, Swart J, Ewings S, Botha N, Stokes M, Mottram S - 2015 Intra And Inter-Rater Reliability of Screening For Movement Impairments: Movement Control Tests from The Foundation Matrix Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 14, 427-440
  • Warner MB, Whatling G, Worsley PR, Mottram S, Chappell PH, Holt CA, Stokes MJ - 2013 Objective classification of scapular kinematics in participants with movement faults of the scapula on clinical assessment
    Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. 2013 Oct 25.
  • Worsley P, Warner M, Mottram S, Gadola S, Veeger H, Hermens H, Morrissey D, Little P, Cooper C, Carr A, Stokes M - 2012 Motor control retraining exercises for shoulder impingement: effects on function, muscle activation, and biomechanics in young adults Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
  • Roussel NA, Nijs J, Mottram S, Van Moorsel A, Truijen S, Stassijns G - 2009Altered lumbopelvic movement control but not generalised joint hypermobility is associated with increased injury in dancers.  A prospective study
    Manual Therapy, 14, 6 630-635
  • Mottram SL, Woledge RC, Morrissey D - 2009 Motion analysis study of a scapular orientation exercise and subjects' ability to learn the exercise Manual Therapy  14 (1):13 - 8
  • Comerford MJ, Mottram SL - 2001 Movement and stability dysfunction – contemporary developments
    Manual Therapy  6:15-26
  • Comerford MJ, Mottram SL - 2001 Functional stability re-training: principles and strategies for managing mechanical dysfunction
    Manual Therapy  6:3-14

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Mark Comerford & Sarah Mottram are both visiting research fellows at the University of Southampton and visiting lecturers at Keele University

Keywords: Kinetic Control, Movement Control, Movement Matters