Kinetic Control: Education in Movement

14th October 2016

Help your patients move better, feel better and do more with our internationally recognised movement assessment framework and retraining strategies.

Introducing Kinetic Control

Our process is designed to help therapists optimise Movement Health, reduce recurrence of pain and enhance patients’ quality of life. We deliver training and expert skills development to physiotherapists & physical therapists. We deliver education, supported with our text Kineitc Control, The Management of Uncontrolled Movement, an online KC testing and retraining catalogue designed to streamline your movement assessment and improve patient compliance and evidence based process and principles to establish  a sound clincial reasoning process.

managing Movement Impairments

Assessment - Analysis & Classification - Movement Retraining



Processes & Principles

Undertaking Kinetic Control training will enhance both assessment and therapeutic skills; enhancing the long term physical health and wellbeing of clients & patients.

At the center of Kinetic Control’s philosophy is a more patient-centered, collaborative approach. By questioning ‘why’ movement impairment occurs, we are making the clinical process more inclusive and client focused.

By implementing the theoretical and practical elements of knowledge the therapists will attain the best results possible. From the very outset, they can feel confident that Kinetic Control’s proven methodology is supported two decades of experience and ongoing evolution. 

In this time Kinetic Control’s clinical reasoning framework has had significant impact on how Movement Health is perceived and the way in which professionals meet the needs of patients.

The system provides a coherent rationale into the pivotal relationship between movement impairment and recurring pain. From the outset, this innovative solution has continued to develop, reflecting current research and evidence-based clinical practice. Ongoing findings are shared between a global network of qualified practitioners to benefit everyone within the Kinetic Control community and beyond.

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