The KC programme at Derby with NCORE

12th August 2015

Kinetic Control has a longstanding partnership with NCORE at Derby Hospitals where each year we run a comprehensive programme of courses

KC founders and senior tutors Sarah Mottram and Mark Comerford are both delivering teaching at Derby this year.

By bringing movement optimisation to the forefront of its teaching, Kinetic Control enables you to evaluate and manage movement impairments more effectively. Here's the NCORE programme of events:

22-23 September 2015
Tutor Sarah Mottram

Myofascial Trigger Point
19-20 October 2015
Tutor Mark Comerford

Solutions for the Hip & Lower Leg
3-6 November 2015
Tutor Mark Comerford

Solutions for the Lower Back
23-26 February 2016
Tutor Sarah Mottram

To book on to any of these courses please contact Alison Downing:

01332 254739 / 01332 2546

Optimising movement health is at the heart of physical therapy and movement therapy. Neuroscience research has given us a better understanding of how to manage movement heath. For 20 years Kinetic Control have been innovators and leaders in incorporating research into clinical practice.

We will help you restore movement control in all of your clients, in ways that you didn’t think possible!

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