KC kicks off 2017 with a host of courses worldwide

28th December 2016

We kick off the New Year with courses in Mumbai, India led by senior tutor & KC guru Mark Comerford; then throughout the month of January KC delivers teaching across Finland, Poland, Brazil and Switzerland.

Read on to see what early 2017 has to offer... 

january schedule:

Tutor Mark Comerford kicks off proceedings in India by delivering the two popular level three courses on 8-9 and 10-11 January, L3 - MANAGING MOVEMENT: ELBOW, FOREARM, WRIST AND HAND and L3 - MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINTS FOR MOVEMENT OPTIMISATION AND PAIN

Over in Finland KC's Kari Niemi heads to Lahti to teach the L1 - SOLUTIONS FOR MOVEMENT IMPAIRMENTS OF THE LOW BACK AND HIP on 12-13 January and  then will be in Turku on 16-17 January to deliver the L3- MANAGING MOVEMENT: IMPAIRMENTS OF THE LOWER LEG.  Kari goes on to bring the level three course L3 - MANAGING MOVEMENT: IMPAIRMENTS OF THE LOWER LEG to Seinäjoki on 20-21 January. Kari finishes up the month with the L3 - THORACIC SPINE AND RIBS course on 26-27 January.

Next up, in Rzeszow, Poland our KC partners Michal Hadala and Szymon Gryckiewicz of   jointly teach the level two course L2 - MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY FOR LOW BACK AND HIP on 20-22 January

Back in India, this time in Bangalore tutor Padmanaban Sekaran  teaches the L2- TARGETING LOCAL MUSCLE TRAINING on 21-22 January.

Heading up the South American team is Pablo Marinho who will be on his home turf in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the end of January delivering the following courses in Portuguese: L1 - MOVEMENT, ALIGNMENT & COORDINATION and L2 - MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY FOR LOW BACK AND HIP on 26-27th followed by L2 - MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY NECK AND SHOULDER and L1 - MOVEMENT, ALIGNMENT & COORDINATION on 28-29th.

Patrik Pedersen our KC man from Get Movement Sweden collaborates with Enmouvement based in Lausanne, Switzerland on 27-30 January to teach for the first time in this location L1 - SOLUTIONS FOR MOVEMENT IMPAIRMENTS OF THE LOW BACK AND HIP followed by L1 - MOVEMENT, ALIGNMENT & COORDINATION

That wraps up our course programme for January, but there is plenty more going on throughout the whole of the year. To find out about all of our courses visit our course booking page on the website.

Note there are still some spaces available for THE MOVEMENT SOLUTION UK starting in March 2017.  You can read more about this amazing course here and see what the 2016 participants had to say about it.







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