Identifying Uncontrolled Movement in People With Amputations

21st April 2016

On 4-5 March and 1 April 2017 KC's Louise Tisdale will be delivering the 'Identifying Uncontrolled Movement in People With Amputations' module  at the Specialised Ability Centre Manchester, UK.

At last a course designed specifically for physiotherapists and rehab therapists working with people with lower limb amputations. The main objective of the course is to enable therapists to identify and retrain movement control impairments that relate  to functional impairments (gait in particular) and pain.

Course Outline

This practically orientated course will help you to plan and apply a movement control retraining programme for individual patients.  The practical sessions will focus on relating pain and movement impairments (function and prosthetic gait deviations in particular) to altered motor control.

Key Features
  • Common disabilities of gait related to movement impairments (uncontrolled movement)
  • How to use a systematic and logical approach to identifying and correcting these movement impairments
  • The assessment as a tool to design a retraining strategy & prescriptive exercise programme
  • Practical application of assessment and retraining of uncontrolled movement
  • The consequences of restrictions (including prostheses)
  • How pain relates to uncontrolled movement
  • How to assess for risk (e.g. pre-prosthetic assessment)
Learning Outcomes
Following this course the participants should be able to:
  • Identify uncontrolled movement and relate this to gait disorders in patients with lower limb amputations
  • Apply a specific individual retraining programme
  • Apply muscle specific retraining strategies to optimise movement patterns

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Keywords: Kinetic Control, Courses