Focus on Kinetic Control Spain

6th February 2017

Spain has long been a key region for delivering Kinetic Control Education.  In this post we look at the KC achievements and programme through the eyes of clinic Fisio Sports, led by senior KC tutor Dr Michal Hadala and his team.

Here's some words from Michal summing up the past year of KC training, under his leadership:

Last year 2016 we started with a lot of dynamism, after 120 hours of studies, work and practice we finished our course The Movement Solution organized by the Universidad Alcalá in Madrid. The students' effort and learning commented on their opinions:

"excellent integration of the movement"

"very important help for diagnosis"

"evaluate things that normally many do not know"

"responds to why"

"new vision of the concept of physiotherapy And of the approach of the pathologies ".


As in the previous editions, KC continued in the Universitat de València with modules of Kinetic Control. Once again Dr. Michal Hadala imparted the essential contents for every physiotherapist interested in the knowledge of the movement's patterns of diagnosis and treatment.


The video below shows some of the KC Spain student feedback:

During several months of the course the KC Spain Team created recordings of some guidelines. Thus new work was born called a series of short videos, pieces of the course with its name: "Without losing a minute".

In March KC Spain arrived in Seville with the course The Movement Solution where they covered the analysis of the movement and its treatment through a series of concepts and techniques that allowed you to restore normal movement to the individual.


We also recorded our students from Seville asking why they would recommend Kinetic Control.

The year 2016 we finished with the 1st seminar of the Movement Movement course in Barcelona to which we follow this year 2017. After the first seminar many have already changed their objectives.

Our next courses of the year 2017 begin in February with the course The Movement Solution in Seville and in March a module in Valencia. At the end of the year we will return to Barcelona with The Movement Solution and for the first time we will be in Bilbao also with the most complete course of Kinetic Control - The Movement Solution.

Kinetic Control annually updates the concepts of movement based on own experience and scientific publications. We believe that with the movement we will never stop.

For full details and more information on the programme in Spain visit Fisio Sports website  





For our worldwide schedule visit the Book A Course page on the KC website and find a course near you. Alternatively see our e-learning courses and study from the comfort of your home or workplace

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