Focus On KC Poland

11th April 2017

Each month we look in depth at the KC activities happening internationally. This month the KC Poland team share their feedback on the past year's events and tell us what to expect from them in 2017.

2016 was filled with active movement training in several Polish cities.
We started in Rzeszow with practical workshops for physicians, discussing symptoms in the knee joint as well as their relationship with the hip and lumbar spine.  
We continued in Rzeszow with the Lumbar Spine.


The next series began in March. This time the theme was hip and lower limb. Students studied the functional diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of the concept of Kinetic Control. Participants could consult with both tutors, Dr. Michael Hadala and Szymon Gryckiewicz, who joined the educational Fizjo-Sport team as a new instructor in 2016.


The annual edition of The Movement Solution - 15 days of Kinetic Control, was held in Gdansk.

Our participants, during the 120 hours of practical & theory training, had the opportunity to explore comprehensive solutions in physiotherapy based on the new material and current scientific methodology Kinetic Control.

Participants were asked why they would recommend Kinetic Control.. see the video below.

Translation of the Kinetic Control book into Polish started in March and came to an end in the autumn. Co-author Mark Comerford had the honor to present the first copies - "Kinetic Control - The Managment of Uncontrolled Movement" during our conference and 3 fantastic days of education in Rzeszow.


Poland also had the pleasure of hosting The Movement Solution in Sielec, southern Poland. In a very relaxed atmosphere we completed active and diligent training under the guidance of our coach Simon Gryckiewicz.

Krakow hosted the 15 day course Kinetic Control, The Movement Solution.

In October, in tutor Michal's hometown, Rzeszow, KC Poland held a training course in Level 1 - Solutions for Movement Impairments for the Low Back and Hip


A very important event last year was the November training Kinetic Control conducted by the founder and instructor of this concept - Mark Comerford. The unique atmosphere and vast knowledge of Mark on the thoracic spine and ribs fell deeply in the memory of each participant.

The year ended very active, in December, an intensive weekend training in Rzeszow  and parallel training was held The Movement Solution in Gdansk.


Rzeszow lumbar spine, hip (L1)                            Gdańsk, The Movement Solution 


 In January we held training Kinetic Control Level 2 - Movement Efficiency for the Low Back and Hip


  • Subsequent events in Rzeszów is a series of training: Lumbar spine, hip (Kinetic Control L1 + L2), cervical spine, shoulder (Kinetic Control L1 + L2), sacroiliac joint, pelvis (Kinetic Control L3) which will take place at the end of 2017 .
  • Rzeszów and Gdańsk hosts The Movement Solution.
The gem of this year will probably be training with Mark Comerford in Rzeszów, which will be held on October 4-7.

If we had a few words to describe how Kinetic Control changes our participants:

"The course Kinetic Control opens our eyes to the overall problems of the musculoskeletal system. Kinetic Control is a new therapeutic approach, tailored to the patient in a very selective and detailed way, and includes global integration"- Kamil Janusz

"A very interesting method. It gives a different perspective on the concept of movement. It focuses on the specific problem of the patient. A simple way we can help the patient. "-Joanna Schmidt

 For all the KC courses in Poland visit our events page and the Fizjo-Sport website






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