Developing a clinical reasoning framework and putting movement into your practice

2nd November 2017

The Movement Solution One
12-16 March, 4-8 June & 12-16 November 2018

Are you challenged by managing the complexity of pain?

Are you working with your patients to help them move better, feel better and do more?

 This 15 day course will put movement into your clinical expertise

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Here are some highlights:

  • Working through a clinical reasoning framework
  • Exploring a movement solution for recurrence
  • We will explore co-ordination strategies and muscle synergies at the low back & hip and neck & shoulder
  • Integrate exercise and movement retraining with all other clinical tools such as manual therapy joint mob – soft tissue, neuro dynamic tech, & high-quality pain education
  • Balance between Evidence Based Practice and clinical observation and evaluation of patients’ goals and outcomes 
  • Our particular expertise is understanding the contributing factors that are linked to recurrence

We have clear clinical pathways and strategies to treat recurrence – managing recurrent symptoms is the long-term future of our profession

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The Movement Solution One
12-16 March, 4-8 June & 12-16 November 2018 LONDON UK


In other European Centres

From 09/11/2017 Madrid, Spain

From 22/02/2018 Bilbao, Spain

From 15/03/2018 Seville, Spain

From 11/04/2018 Gdańsk, Poland

From 02/05/2018  Rome, Italy

From 16/05/2018 Milan, Italy

From 17/05/2018 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Keywords: Movement Efficiency, Movement Health, Movement Impairments, The Movement Solution