Calling all Movement Therapists

15th September 2015

Calling all Movement Therapists - A message from Lindsay Montgomery - get involved in some research!

My name is Lindsay Montgomery, I am an MSc Physiotherapy student at Northumbria University. I am carrying out a study on the management of movement control impairment in low back pain. I would be very grateful if you would consider participating in this research.

The aims of the study are to investigate and evaluate the current approaches to movement control dysfunction used in clinical practice and to see if there are any particular themes that may inform practice and generate further research. All I would need from you is to participate in one telephone interview, lasting approximately 45 minutes. The interview will allow you to discuss your views and experiences in treating low back pain patients with movement control dysfunction. I feel that an investigation into current clinical practice will help in the translation of theory into contemporary clinical practice.

I am aware that you are all busy practitioners and asking you to give up any of your time is a big request. I would be extremely grateful for your involvement as a movement control therapist.

To be eligible you must be a practicing physiotherapist who treats low back pain patients using a movement control approach. To become involved with this study please contact me by emailing and I will send you a participants information sheet and consent form.

Ethical approval has been granted by Northumbria University for this study.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on: or alternatively you can contact my university supervisor, Gerard Hargreaves:

I hope you can see your way to taking part in my study.

Thank you for your time.


Keywords: Movement Matters, Research, Kinetic Control