A Celebration of Movement 12-13 September

11th August 2015


A Celebration of Movement 

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th September 2015

A weekend spent in study and play with Alan Herdman and James D'Silva. A timetable of workshops using Pilates as their base note, but bringing in other influences and their functionality, with time spent getting to know each other, exchanging ideas and most importantly creating a sense of camaraderie.

Teachers and sessions include:

  • Alan Herdman (Pre-Pilates, Pilates Mix, Pilates Matwork)
  • James D'Silva (Garuda Matwork, Garuda Dhara, Garuda Chakra)
  • Micheal Rolnick (Twists and Turns)
  • Cameron Angus (The Neck in Pilates, Psoas, Clever Guy of the Pelvis)
  • Sarah Motram (Movement Health, Movement Analysis and Constraints of Movement)
  • Sarah Gallie (Put Your Back Into It)
  • Suzanne Scott (Working On The Side Lines)
  • Mary Thorton (Hypermobility)


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A Celebration of Movement will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Radisson Blue Hotel overlooking the River Thames and the iconic Millennium Dome. We have devised a packed time table of dynamic classes and lectures for you to choose from. A Delicious healthy lunch will be served in the gardens overlooking the river (weather permitting), morning coffee and afternoon tea will give welcome breaks and a chance to chat, relax and connect. Preferential room rates are available at the hotel for those wishing to stay over.


For more information on Garuda click here


For more information on Garuda click here


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Please note: After choosing and purchasing your day or weekend pass, you will need to pre-book your desired workshops.

In order to offer the best experience possible, spaces are strictly limited, advanced pre booking only. There will be no admittance on the day. Garuda Mats will be provided for your use and to take home. Preferential room rates are available at the hotel for those wishing to stay over and we would be delighted to organise a group dinner for those interested; just e mail the studio and we can organise it.

We are both looking forward enormously to our inaugural event and hoping you will join us for jam packed fun weekend of movement, learning and sharing.

Yours sincerely

James D’Silva & Alan Herdman


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