TMC2018 starting line-up

2nd October 2017

The 2018 Movement Conference – Here’s our starting line-up

St Mary’s Stadium, 24th March 2018 (#TMC2018)

Our 1 to 11 reasons (plus 2 on the bench) for making ‘The 2018 Movement Conference’ part of your plans to ‘change movement and Movement Health on Monday’



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Movement is everywhere right now. It seems that across the board and in multiple disciplines the focus has turned towards the use of movement as an intervention, a tool, a solution; everyone is looking at what has always been here (movement) but with new perspectives, new visions of what is possible. This conference seeks to share these emerging views…

1. TMC2018 puts movement up front and centre stage

This is not about a condition, pathology or body region, it’s a focus on the use and study of movement to achieve a variety of outcomes: Pain management, performance enhancement and risk reduction, included.

2. New things happen when related but distinctly different fields meet

Any multi-disciplinary sharing is to be welcomed. In the powerful environment of an elite sports club’s stadium, the movement message is to be voiced in many ways, allowing new streams and directions to be aired.  

3. We have researchers, clinicians, coaches: evidence and insight matters

But there also needs to be a connection to the practitioners, working hard at the ‘coal-face’ with clients, athletes and patients. At TMC2018, evidence meets practice, researchers meet practitioners.

4. Leading the line are our keynote guest speakers, Professor Deborah Falla and Professor Ewa Roos

Professor Deborah Falla has published over 145 journal articles and more than 100 conference paper/abstracts. Deborah will be sharing her research insights, focussing on considering ‘The control of spinal movement and how it is adapted to pain’.

Professor Ewa Roos has authored 197 peer-reviewed publications and her work has been cited more than 9500 times. Ewa will be sharing how the inclusion of movement and exercise has had a huge positive impact on osteoarthritis in Denmark and beyond with her session, ‘Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark (GLA:D(R) - implementation of clinical guidelines for osteoarthritis nationwide’.

5. If we believe movement assessment has value, what can we take from the range of methods currently available?

Dr Bart Dingenen, Mark Comerford & Lincoln Blandford will each share perspectives on movement evaluation and what can be gained from testing.

6. Eccentric training continues to be a hot topic in respect to certain injury risk and rehabilitation

Dr James Onate will share current insights on the use of this training modality.

7. The ability to teach movement is a skill-set all practitioners surely value

What can the research tells us about the improving this key quality? Dr Jamie North supplies current research perspectives on changing clients’ movement whilst Alli Gokeler focuses on motor learning.

8. Do we believe runners can change their running?

What does the performance focussed science of Strength and Conditioning say about this ability? Practical applications will be served up by author, educator and well-respected S&C coach, Rich Blagrove

9. What can one test tell us?

Clinician, educator and elite sport consultant, Padmanaban Sekeran, weighs up the benefits of a classic clinical assessment method and how it has stood the test of time

10. Movement is a key clinical term right now

Clinic owner, Paul Goss will share how his business has put movement at the heart of their clinical process and business messaging

11. The ‘Movement’ movement is a changing entity

Clinician and author, Warrick McNeill will outline the shape of the movement future and who is likely to shape it


Saturday evening is the perfect time for networking; St Mary’s Stadium will be the ideal location
As one of the newest stadiums in the country it’s easily accessible from Southampton airport, station and City centre (hotels and restaurants)



Super Early Bird registration ends 9th October 2017

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