Kinetic Control: a Focus on The Netherlands

15th October 2018

Global Appeal

Kinetic Control has been championing a movement focussed approach around the world for more than 20 years. The global reach of their courses and concepts, developed and evolved by co-founders Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram, is apparent; courses are taught in Europe (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Greece, Portugal), USA, South America (Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina), Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India) and are currently presented in 12 languages.


The Netherlands

Since the beginning of the Kinetic Control journey, courses in The Netherlands have proved incredibly popular…this remains so today. As a territory, the Netherlands possesses many experienced manual therapists however, these clinicians have not been averse to adopting a clinical framework which centres upon a movement testing and retraining approach (Kinetic Control). The courses have also been embracive of a wide range of professional disciplines including physiotherapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, occupational therapists and sport therapists working in a wide field including neuro rehab, amputee rehab, paediatrics, musculoskeletal presentations, working with older people, occupational health and sports medicine.


Local expertise, clinical excellence 

With respect to the course teachers, although originally delivered by both Mark and Sarah back in 2001, new tutors have emerged who have brought their clinical excellence and experience to the presentation of the course material. Plus, being both native speakers and clinicians based in this territory, tutors such as Jeannette Hoftijzer bring ever more relevance to the Dutch attendees. Based at Top Fysio Delta (, 2018 has seen Jeannette delivered the whole set of Co-ordination Efficiency modules (3 courses, spread over 6 days).


Jeannette delivering Kinetic Control

Moving forwards into 2019

With the current run of Co-ordination Efficiency now complete, it is now the turn for the Muscle Synergies modules (again 3 courses, over 6 days) with dates spanning 2018 and through 2019 (see below). Additionally, 2019 also sees international presenter and expert clinician Jacqueline Swart (South Africa) visit The Netherlands to deliver the ‘Taking Clinical Movement Excellence in to New Directions’ masterclass. Presented in English, this will push clinicians’ application of the Kinetic Control approach to the next level and therefore perfectly follows on from the initial Co-ordination and Synergy modules.  

A few words about the courses from those that have attended:

  • "The tutors were excellent as well as the content of the course”
  • “This course has revolutionised my practice”
  • “Excellent tuition, I loved the practical approach. I learnt so much from their exceptional knowledge and practical application to clients was immediate, with positive results”
  •  “The tutors are excellent and I loved clinical decision making aspect of the course”
  •  “Course design, strong evidence and clear clinical reasoning process to help me perform well and confidently in clinical work”
  •  “Has helped me manage recurrence pain better”

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Keywords: Kinetic Control, Case Study, The Netherlands