How to Run from Pain to Performance Part 3

4th August 2015

Part 3 – Programme Design & Goal Achievement

Mark Comerford reflects on 20 years of Kinetic Control

30th July 2015
It’s not about pain, it’s about people…and choice.

How to Run from Pain to Performance Part 2

13th July 2015

Part 2- Screening and Movement Analysis for Runners – What, Why and How?

How to Run from Pain to Performance Part 1

7th July 2015

This is the first of a three-part blog looking at running injuries and the application of The Running Matrix – Movement and Performance Screen, as a tool to help reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance in runners.

Subscapularis - we love it and now we know more about its different roles!

22nd June 2015

A review of Wickham J, Pizzari T, Balster S, Ganderton C, Watson L. 2014 The variable role of the upper and lower subscapularis during shoulder motion

Pablo Marinho sums up his recent trip to Mexico

22nd May 2015

I was invited around 6 weeks ago by Estefania Portillo, a physiotherapy student from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua-UACH, to go Mexico to present a lecture and a course in a Student Congress held in Chihuahua, her city. Having just got back, I’d like to share the lovely experience I had there…

Proprioception and movement control

20th May 2015

and cleaning the lens of the 6th sense

Hanging in the Balance

20th May 2015

Will muscle imbalance move on in elite football

Control is a choice; choice is control

27th April 2015

Searching for the specific movement deficit is worthwhile

Reliability of The Foundation Matrix

22nd April 2015

Just published in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine