Cortical representations of infraspinatus in rotator cuff tendinopathy

7th December 2015

Alterations in central motor representation increase over time in individuals with rotator cuff tendinopathy

Infraspinatus: the friend of subscapularis muscle

10th November 2015

Shoulder pain is one of the most typical musculoskeletal ailments that cause people to seek physiotherapy.

Subscapularis - we love it and now we know more about its different roles!

22nd June 2015

A review of Wickham J, Pizzari T, Balster S, Ganderton C, Watson L. 2014 The variable role of the upper and lower subscapularis during shoulder motion

Hanging in the Balance

20th May 2015

Will muscle imbalance move on in elite football

A Jump Landing Task

14th April 2015

Differerent movement strategies seen at the hip and knee - new paper out

Movement Health

11th February 2015

See the McNeill and Blandford editorial

Glut max and hamstrings

9th February 2015

What does the prone hip extension test tell us about synergisitic action of muscles?

Fascia-nated by movement

4th February 2015

Kari Niemi takes a fascial perspective to the movement debate.