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29th December 2014

Movement pattern and muscle balance as a source of lumbar spine health according to the concept of Kinetic Control

Bracing comes under scrutiny...a social media trend

22nd September 2014

And rightly so.. read on

Proximal control influnces medial tibial pain

10th June 2014

The importance of assessing proximal control

Changing movement impairments in the lower quadrant

30th April 2014

It makes a difference to knee pain!

Psoas 4

18th February 2014

Adaptation of motor control in pain - what happens to Psoas Major

Psoas 2

26th January 2014

Koen Schoolmeeters reflects further on psoas and considers actions of Psoas Major during submaximal isometric trunk efforts on painfree subjects.

Psoas Major

20th January 2014

Are we getting to grips with it's functional role?

A new way to classify movement faults

15th January 2014

Even when we all move differently!

2 Papers on Management of Cervical Spine Pain

13th January 2014

Manual Therapy vs Exercise

Effect of active cranio-cervical flexion exercise

7th January 2014

Influence on pain, ROM and muscle activity

New publication

2nd January 2014

Tells us something about the scapula