The Efficiency of Movement Rehab Strategies

28th March 2014

A recent study adds more evidence on the efficiency of movement rehab strategies. See Pablo's feedback in Portuguese and English

Movement impairments in femoroacetabular impingement

20th December 2013

Posterior pelvic rotation increased

Scapular Orientation 2

25th July 2013

What does it look like?

Scapular Orientation 1

18th July 2013

Changing trapezius activity

Topic: Disabilities

4th July 2013

A term covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions.......

Thoughts on hip pain

3rd July 2013

Useful paper to look at influence of inefficient gluts and deep hip flexors on hip pain

Therapeutic Exercise helps neck pain

17th May 2013

Latest review in Physical Therapy

Respiratory weakness and neck pain

14th May 2013

Interesting new study

Facilitating semispinalis to control low neck flexion

2nd May 2013

The orientation of the neck matters

Acute back pain leads to increased spinal stability

18th April 2013

New evidence confirms what we see in the clinic

How does the body adapt to pain

14th April 2013

People move differently in pain - the mechanisms are poorly understood - what's new?

Faulty movement patterns and patellofemoral pain

9th April 2013

Evidence to suggest tibia lateral rotation increases PFP

Classification of uncontrolled movement directs management

28th March 2013

Specifc treatment can improve the control of movement

Scapular kinematics important in stroke rehab

25th March 2013

Understanding normal scapular function is essential for retraining function in people with strokes

What's happening at the neck

13th March 2013

Two recent papers relating to neck muscle dysfunction in neck pain and a nice facilitation strategy

Faulty movement patterns linked with a predisposition of LBP

27th February 2013

Latest paper in Clinical Biomechanics

Deficits in glut med associated with patellofemoral pain syndrome

23rd February 2013

Review of the relationship between gluteal muscle activity and patellofemoral pain syndrome

Scapular-focused treatment in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome

15th February 2013

Scapular-focused treatment in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: a randomized clinical trial - postive improvement in in self-reported disability and clinically important improvement in pain during the Neer test, Hawkins test, and empty can test

Article of the week - 7

Do we need to rethink core stability as core control?

1st February 2013

2 articles questioning the effectiveness of core stability training. Are we missing the key?

Reliability of movement control tests

24th January 2013

Clinical tests that emphasize movement control for back and hip had moderate-to-almost-perfect inter-observer reliability, indicating that these tests are reliable as screening tests using several observers with marines.

Pain changes the brain

17th January 2013

Article of the week:

We continue with our plan to post interesting abstracts

Smudging the motor brain in young adults with recurrent low back pain.

ISSLS prize winner

Tsao H, Danneels LA, Hodges PW.

Spine 2011 Oct 1;36(21):1721-7. doi: 10.1097/BRS.0b013e31821c4267.

This research paper demonstrates that low back pain is associated with a loss of discrete cortical organization of the back muscles. Increased overlap in the motor cortical representation of Deep Multifidus and Longissimus Erector Spinae may explain motor control changes noted in people with low back pain. Helps to explain why it is difficult to retrain the motor control impairment in people with low back pain.

Articles Relevant to the Assessment and Management of Uncontrolled Movement

13th January 2013

This year we plan to post an article relevant to the assessment and management of uncontrolled movement each week.

For week 1 & 2 see our post on movement control in dancers. 50 more to follow this year!