Muscle dysfunction in people with neck pain

12th November 2012

Many people suffer from neck pain at sometime in their life. Kari Niemi (Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor in Finland) has identifed some recent research projects illustrating examples of muscle dysfunction in people with neck pain and one follow-up-study regarding predictive factors of neck pain.

New Publication: Motor Control and Low Back Pain in Dancers

16th October 2012

Motor control is impaired in dancers with low back pain

New Publication: Scapular Motor Control Training

14th October 2012

This study aimed to quantify the clinical, neurophysiological, and biomechanical effects of a scapular motor control retraining for young individuals with shoulder impingement signs

Core control analysis helps coaches develop technique improvements

1st August 2012

Mark Comerford and Geoff McKinnon explore technique improvement in elite hurdle performance with movement control analysis and retraining.

Investigation of the stability system of the scapula in patients with cervical spine disorders

17th February 2012

Assessment of scapular orientation and recruitment of the scapular stability muscles in patients with insidious onset neck pain and whiplash associated disorders

PhD thesis at the University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine, December 2010.

Harpa Helgadóttir, Physical therapist, PhD in BioMedical Science, Specialist in Manual Therapy.

Short Note on Motor Learning from Isha Doshi

13th February 2012

Here are some notes from Isha Doshi – She attended our course
Kinetic Control: Managing Movement – Solutions for the Low Back

with Sarah in Mumbai last month. This course focused on the assessment and retraining of uncontrolled movement. We spent much of the workshop time retraining uncontrolled movement and Isha led a session on applying motor learning principles to movement retraining. Thanks Isha for making such a valuable contribution.
How Motor Learning Principles can help Movement Retraining
Phases of Learning