Palpation and Assessment in Manual Therapy Fourth edition

6th February 2017

We are  thrilled to announce the publication of Palpation and Assessment in Manual Therapy – Fourth edition, in which TPM's Warwick McNeill and Kinetic Control's Sarah Mottram contributed to the writing of Chapter 10 on Evaluation Movement.

Latest Anatomy Study Serratus Anterior

22nd November 2016

Check out new paper on Serratus Anterior anatomy in Anatomical Science International

Above & Beyond Biceps Femoris

11th April 2016

Employment of muscle synergy assessment to guide  ‘Return To Play’ following biceps femoris injury

Does Breathing Matter?

19th October 2015

KCs Elzette Korkie has recently finished her PhD and is now teaching in South Africa; read her paper here.

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

13th October 2015

Foundation Matrix Screening as injury prevention tool and focus on motivation and deltagelse with U17 and U19 elite football players - A quantitative intervention study

Calling all Movement Therapists

15th September 2015

A message from Lindsay Montgomery - get involved in some research!

Reliability of The Foundation Matrix

22nd April 2015

Just published in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

New research

13th November 2014

looking at EMG data on people with flexion related movement control impairments

Movement dysfunction in recreational rock climbers

5th November 2014

Richard Clarke looks at movement patterns as part of his MSc

New Publication: Motor Control and Low Back Pain in Dancers

16th October 2012

Motor control is impaired in dancers with low back pain

New Publication: Scapular Motor Control Training

14th October 2012

This study aimed to quantify the clinical, neurophysiological, and biomechanical effects of a scapular motor control retraining for young individuals with shoulder impingement signs

Papers at Football Medicine Strategies for Knee Injuries

23rd April 2012

XXI International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology

Isokinetic 2012 Conference, Stamford Bridge Stadium, Chelsea FC, London UK 21-22 April 2012

Impaired Control of Scapular Rotation during a Clinical Dissociation Test in People with a History of Shoulder Pain

28th March 2012

Abstract from 3rd International Conference on Movement Dysfuction, Edinburgh, UK

30 October - November 1 2009

Investigation of the stability system of the scapula in patients with cervical spine disorders

17th February 2012

Assessment of scapular orientation and recruitment of the scapular stability muscles in patients with insidious onset neck pain and whiplash associated disorders

PhD thesis at the University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine, December 2010.

Harpa Helgadóttir, Physical therapist, PhD in BioMedical Science, Specialist in Manual Therapy.

Presentation at WCPT: An Online Movement and Performance Screen to Identify and Classify Uncontrolled Movement

15th June 2011

Scapular positioning and movement: a clinical perspective

30th May 2011

Vrije Iniversiteit Brussel, Faculty of Physical education and Physical Therapy