Head of Education, Lincoln Blandford presents at XXVIII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference

7th May 2019

The last weekend of April 2019, saw the annual Isokinetic Footbal Medicine Conference hosted at one of the world’s greatest theatres of football; Wembley Stadium.

Get to know our team - Padmanaban Sekaran

16th April 2019

We caught up with Kinetic Control Movement Therapist and Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor Padmanaban Sekaran!

Kinetic Control - a focus on Finland

9th April 2019

Sarah Mottram, Head of Movement Performance Solutions, reflects on the history of Kinetic Control in Finland.

Reading movement to change muscle synergy efficiency

8th April 2019

This one day practical masterclass is for Physiotherapists and Movement Specialists with a focus on interpretating patterns of movement used in exercise and function.

Southampton Football Club on Kinetic Control

27th February 2019

Interested in reading the post that Southampton Football Club wrote up about Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix?

Taking the Movement Health Message Global

21st February 2019

A round up events in February.

KC Accredited Tutor from South Africa Talks Movement Health

8th February 2019

Beate Stindt, one of our Accredited Tutors from South Africa has some thoughts on Movement Health

Themes in 2019 - Multifactorial Presentations and Individualised Movement Health

11th January 2019

What are the clinical themes of 2019?  With one eye on those ever-changing social media streams and the shifting perspectives of leading personalities in the field it is no surprise that therapists are seeking out that next piece of education to future proof their clinical skillset for 2019 and beyond.

A reflection on the Flexibility for Movement Efficiency and Movement Health

13th November 2018

4 days with Mark Comerford on all thing’s restriction – with Jocke Heuer and Thomas Karlinger. Read this blog post to find out what happened at the Flexibility for Movement Efficiency and Movement Health Masterclass

Kinetic Control: it's a global movement in any language

20th September 2018

Highlighting just some of the upcoming Kinetic Control courses around the world, we draw attention to several key events happening over the next couple of months.

Kinetic Control: developing the Movement Health message since 1995

15th June 2018

Sarah Mottram takes us through the story behind Kinetic Control. 

Muscle Synergies and Movement Health

16th February 2018

The importance of exploring muscle synergies for managing recurrence

Developing a clinical reasoning framework and putting movement into your practice

2nd November 2017

The Movement Solution One puts movement into your clinical expertise

KC Book released in Japanese

4th April 2017

Kinetic Control - The Management of Uncontrolled Movement

An episode of pain or long term programmes - is it time to change the channel in the physiotherapy practice?

2nd August 2016

TV has shown how it’s not all about the big screen. The same goes for contemporary movement management: to think it’s all about a movement screen doesn’t really do justice to the movement management system that is TPM Pro

Tutor Pablo Marinho takes Kinetic Control to Ecuador

18th March 2016

Invited to present lectures in KC & TPM topics, Pablo Marinho reports on the event and his first experience in Quito.

Where do we start when it comes to retraining movement?

7th March 2016

Movement Performance Solutions’ Mark Comerford asks a simple question…

MPS providing Movement Health Solutions

24th February 2016

We all move differently and there is no right or wrong way to move. For this reason there is much debate about what is normal movement.

TPM presents at the 54th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists

15th February 2016

Performance Matrix Movement Specialist Padmanban Sekaran speaks at the 54th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists this weekend

KC and TPM present at the PT International Congress in Ecuador

9th February 2016

Breaking News…. KC & Performance Matrix Tutor Pablo Marinho has been invited to present three 40 minute lectures and a 4 hour workshop at the PT International Congress in Ecuador next month

Short Term Solutions

4th November 2015

Short term solutions, long term problems?

Kinetic Control Movement Therapist Day October, 2015

27th October 2015

A celebration of twenty years of making the world move better

Mark Comerford at Arena Fysio in Sweden last weekend

26th October 2015

Mark Comerford at Arena Fysio in Sweden last weekend

Mark Comerford's UK Autumn Schedule

29th September 2015

KC's Mark Comerford returns to NCORE, Derby on 3-6 November  2015 - don't miss his 4 day training on Managing Movement in the Hip and Lower Leg

New KC Neck & Shoulder module Resounding Success in India

29th September 2015

KC's New Neck & Shoulder course delivered by tutor Padmanaban Sekaran was a resounding success in India

News from Kinetic Control Spain

29th September 2015

A summary of KC activities in Spain from our partners at Fisio Sports

The Shape of Movement Health

21st September 2015

A 2015 perspective 

The Kneed For Multi Joint Assessment

14th September 2015

The KNeed for Multi Joint Testing

 Injuries to the knee, both acute and overuse related are common in jump-landing movements, especially in female athletes

Slings and Things

3rd September 2015
It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that sling? Joined up thinking, but what if the devil’s in the detail...

A new blog post by Mark Comerford

The KC programme at Derby with NCORE

12th August 2015

Kinetic Control has a longstanding partnership with NCORE at Derby Hospitals where each year we run a comprehensive programme of courses

KC founders and senior tutors Sarah Mottram and Mark Comerford are both delivering teaching at Derby this year.

A Celebration of Movement 12-13 September

11th August 2015

Movement expert Sarah Mottram is guest speaker on 12 September in London at a weekend to celebrate movement, spent in study and play with Alan Herdman & James D'Silva.

Shaping Movement Health Seminar Day

11th August 2015

Shaping Movement Health Seminar Day 17 October 2015

New Kinetic Control online resources

8th August 2015

to be launched this summer

Mark Comerford reflects on 20 years of Kinetic Control

7th August 2015
It’s not about pain, it’s about people…and choice.

Proprioception and movement control

20th May 2015

and cleaning the lens of the 6th sense

Control is a choice; choice is control

27th April 2015

Searching for the specific movement deficit is worthwhile

Movement Analysis for Movement Health

26th February 2014

by Warrick McNeill