Find out more about Reading Movement to Change Muscle Synergy Efficiency

25th April 2019

Uniting current concepts emerging from the world of movement science with movement pattern observation, interpretation and retraining expertise honed with clinical and performance environment, is the focus of this one-day masterclass. Find out more about this date in our blog post.

Taking the Movement Health Message Global

21st February 2019

A round up events in February.

The Kinetic Control Clinical Reasoning Framework

12th September 2018

 The Kinetic Control clinical reasoning framework supplies a systemized process to consider this outcome through the assessment and subsequent retraining of movement, whilst taking into account the other factors influencing the bigger clinical picture.

The Kinetic Control journey to India

20th August 2018

The journey of Kinetic Control in India started in the February 2011 when Sarah first delivered a 5-day course in Mumbai.

The Movement Solution

13th August 2018

The Movement Solution:

More than 100 hours of face to face expertise: Time for an education in Movement Health

Current practice for long term individualised outcomes

9th July 2018

We all know everyone moves differently and we need to give our patients the right retraining at the right time. Read this blog post to see how you can benefit from Kinetic Control.

Putting Movement into Practice - 5 reasons to explore our CPD

18th October 2017

Access KC’s Clinical framework & clinical reasoning processes to empower you to manage patients effectively with movement & exercise. 5 reasons to explore our CPD

2 day course on muscles synergies at low back and hip

12th July 2017

26-27 September 2017, UK

Focus on Kinetic Control UK

10th July 2017

Each month we take an in-depth look at courses and activities in specific regions where KC delivers its programme of events. This month the spotlight is on the UK, the birth place of Kinetic Control.    

KC Book released in Japanese

4th April 2017

Kinetic Control - The Management of Uncontrolled Movement

Kinetic Control Book: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement

9th November 2016

This text is designed as a clinical reference to develop knowledge of the examination, diagnosis and classification of uncontrolled movement and the management of movement impairments.

Kinetic Control Testing and Retraining Catalogue

28th October 2016

Testing, diagnosing and retraining made simple...

Kinetic Control Education

25th October 2016

Kinetic Control provides comprehensive training and expert skill development

Kinetic Control: Education in Movement

14th October 2016

Help your patients move better, feel better and do more with our internationally recognised movement assessment framework and retraining strategies.

The Movement Solution Three: Moving The Boundaries

23rd August 2016

This October Mark Comerford heads to the UK to deliver The Movement Solution Three: Moving The Boundaries. We have a few places remaining. *You do not have to have attended The Movement Solution 1 or 2 to join this course

Mark Comerford discusses when we need to force the issue

7th July 2016

Movement Performance Solutions’ 

Football Medicine Conference & The Performance Matrix 2016

20th April 2016

The 25th Isokinetic Football Medicine Strategies Conference was recently held in London with a focus firmly placed on the return to play (RTP) phase. This prestigious event, often described as the premier meeting of sports medicine’s elite, saw a huge range of topics discussed with deliveries coming from the sport’s renowned practitioners and research groups.

MPS providing Movement Health Solutions

24th February 2016

We all move differently and there is no right or wrong way to move. For this reason there is much debate about what is normal movement.

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

13th October 2015

Foundation Matrix Screening as injury prevention tool and focus on motivation and deltagelse with U17 and U19 elite football players - A quantitative intervention study

Point Break- Metatarsal Stress Fractures

8th September 2015

Point Break- Metatarsal Stress Fractures

Here we consider the influencing factors that increase the probability of sustaining a stress fracture to the metatarsals.

Kinetic Control Level 1 Movement, Alignment & Coordination in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

13th August 2015

Level 1 - Movement, Alignment & Coordination in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Returning in Nov/15

How Kinetic Control is promoting the professional identity of a physiotherapists

4th November 2014

With the concepts of movement system based assessment, diagnosis and management.

Movement Control Tests

3rd May 2013

What are they?

Mark Comerford in conversation with Jacqueline Swart

23rd April 2013

Mark Comerford in conversation with Jacqueline Swart about fitting movement control into manual therapy

Changing the way we move

21st August 2012

Mark Comerford discusses some of the factors that we look at when trying to identify uncontrolled movement.

What is Uncontrolled Movement Video

23rd March 2012

This is the first in a series of video clips in which Mark Comerford talks on a variety of relevant topics. We kick it off a discussion about our favourite subject 'Uncontrolled Movement'. What is Uncontrolled Movement

Case review: the management of uncontrolled movement in practice 3

22nd February 2012

Case review: Cervical Spine


This is the third case review in our series of managing uncontrolled movement. This case review considers the Cervical spine.

Case review: the management of uncontrolled movement in practice 2

13th October 2011

Case review: Shoulder
Let's set the scene.

A bricklayer presents with right shoulder pain. He complains of localised superficial pain at the acromion and near the anterior coracoid.

Uncontrolled movement and symptoms, disability, dysfunction, recurrence, risk, and performance

5th October 2011

There is a growing body of evidence to support the relationship between uncontrolled movement (UCM) and symptoms (Dankaerts 2006a, b, Luomajoki et al. 2008, van Dillen et al. 2009).

The management of uncontrolled movement

17th August 2011

Case review: the management of uncontrolled movement in practice - 1

9th August 2011

Lumbar Spine
Let's set the scene:
A female waitress presents with back pain in the low lumbar spine. She stands in a sway back posture.

The assessment of uncontrolled movement

2nd August 2011

A common feature of movement control faults is reduced control of active movements, or movement control dysfunction, termed MCD by Luomajoki et al. (2007).