KC Seminar in Beijing with A-Truly

26th November 2015

KC Seminar in China Nov 2015

Focus on Kinetic Control Poland

16th November 2015

Kinetic Control has a truly international following, and nowhere more so than in Poland, where  tutor Professor Michal Hadala leads the teaching programme

Kinetic Control Conference Seville, Spain 31 October 2015

19th October 2015

Find out all about Kinetic Control from our KC partners in Spain, Fisio Sports at their conference on 31 October 2015 in Seville

Monthly evening lectures in South Africa

12th August 2015

Through July to October KC tutor Jacqueline Swart will be offering 4 evening lectures on a range of topics in Pretoria, SA

Shaping Movement Health Seminar Day

11th August 2015

Shaping Movement Health Seminar Day 17 October 2015

Online learn module on Physiopedia

5th November 2014

It's all about movement

Moving well

11th October 2014

Identifying and retraining movement impairments to optimise function

Brazil Lectures

6th May 2014

KC tutor Pablo Marinho lectures to full houses at two events last week in Brazil

Scapular Impairments: Managing Movement

30th April 2012

Abstract  Keynote Lecture: Swedish OMT conference 27 - 28 April 2012

 TURNING to upper TORSO Movement and Function in Neck and Shoulder

Sarah Mottram MSc MCSP MMACP

Diagnosis of Uncontrolled Movement in patients with discopathy: a case study

16th April 2012

Evening lecture by Koen Schoolmeesters for regional group of physiotherapists in Herentals, Belgium.

Presentation at WCPT: An Online Movement and Performance Screen to Identify and Classify Uncontrolled Movement

15th June 2011

Controlling the Core: managing the pain

21st February 2011

Physio First has been running a series of courses with Sarah Mottram (Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor). Controlling the Core: Managing the pain

Uncontrolled movement of the lumbar spine - a missing piece of the puzzle?

7th January 2011

Lecture by Patrik Pedersen
Scottish Osteopathic Society Annual General Meeting, Edinburgh UK, 11-12 September 2010