Clare Pederson on Flexibility for Movement Health and Efficiency

11th June 2019

We caught up with Clare Pedersen to discuss her time at the Flexibility for Movement Efficiency and Movement Health Masterclass with Mark Comerford.

Get to know our team - Padmanaban Sekaran

16th April 2019

We caught up with Kinetic Control Movement Therapist and Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor Padmanaban Sekaran!

Kinetic Control - a focus on Finland

9th April 2019

Sarah Mottram, Head of Movement Performance Solutions, reflects on the history of Kinetic Control in Finland.

Kinetic Control: a Focus on Taiwan

27th November 2018

In 2014, the first Kinetic Control course “The movement Solution 1” was brought to Taiwan by Mark Comerford. The Kinetic Control took Taiwan physiotherapists’ mind by storm. Everyone that took the courses were crazy in love with Kinetic Control, not only the movement tests and retraining but also the logical clinical framework and the strong evidence base.

Kinetic Control: a Focus on The Netherlands

15th October 2018

Since the beginning of the Kinetic Control journey, courses in The Netherlands have proved incredibly popular - this remains so today. As a territory, the Netherlands possesses many experienced manual therapists however, these clinicians have not been averse to adopting a clinical framework which centres upon a movement testing and retraining approach (Kinetic Control).

Case review: the management of uncontrolled movement in practice 3

22nd February 2012

Case review: Cervical Spine


This is the third case review in our series of managing uncontrolled movement. This case review considers the Cervical spine.

Case review: the management of uncontrolled movement in practice 2

13th October 2011

Case review: Shoulder
Let's set the scene.

A bricklayer presents with right shoulder pain. He complains of localised superficial pain at the acromion and near the anterior coracoid.

Case review: the management of uncontrolled movement in practice - 1

9th August 2011

Lumbar Spine
Let's set the scene:
A female waitress presents with back pain in the low lumbar spine. She stands in a sway back posture.