Flexibility Masterclass with Mark Comerford

22nd February 2018

This 4-day masterclass presents a systemised framework to assess and manage restrictions, and delivers skills of movement assessment and retraining to exert long-term change on pain, pathology and compromised function and performance.

New course 07/11/2018 to 10/11/2018 London UK with Mark Comerford

Welcome to Thomas Karlinger, Jocke Heuer, Jeannette Hoftjizer and Beate Stindt

22nd February 2018

Join our team of Kinetic Control Accredited Tutors

News from Southampton FC

20th February 2018

St Mary's to host 2018 Movement Conference

Muscle Synergies and Movement Health

16th February 2018

The importance of exploring muscle synergies for managing recurrence

24th March, The 2018 Movement Conference

14th February 2018

Exploring the value of movement and realising its potential

Catálogo de Ejercicios de Kinetic Control

7th February 2018

Catálogo de Ejercicios de Kinetic Control ahora en español y por tiempo limitado con descuento en su adquisición

Myofascial Masterclass with Mark Comerford

29th January 2018

Pain, synergies, triggerpoints and more 20 - 21 March 2018 in UK

Co-ordination Efficiency: a clinical marker of Movement Health

10th January 2018

Kinetic Control’s ‘Co-ordination Efficiency’ modules puts movement quality at the heart of the clinical assessment and retraining process. They are built around a clinic applicable model, connecting pain, pathology and compromised function to any individual patient’s presentation

Coordination Efficiency: helping you change the building blocks of your patients’ movement patterns

11th December 2017

A guide to the KC Co-ordination Efficiency modules

The 2018 Movement Conference Masterclass

26th November 2017

Practical solutions from clinic, gym & training field