KC Accredited Tutor from South Africa Talks Movement Health

8th February 2019

Beate Stindt, one of our Accredited Tutors from South Africa has some thoughts on Movement Health

Themes in 2019 - Multifactorial Presentations and Individualised Movement Health

11th January 2019

What are the clinical themes of 2019?  With one eye on those ever-changing social media streams and the shifting perspectives of leading personalities in the field it is no surprise that therapists are seeking out that next piece of education to future proof their clinical skillset for 2019 and beyond.

Kinetic Control: a Focus on Taiwan

27th November 2018

In 2014, the first Kinetic Control course “The movement Solution 1” was brought to Taiwan by Mark Comerford. The Kinetic Control took Taiwan physiotherapists’ mind by storm. Everyone that took the courses were crazy in love with Kinetic Control, not only the movement tests and retraining but also the logical clinical framework and the strong evidence base.

A reflection on the Flexibility for Movement Efficiency and Movement Health

13th November 2018

4 days with Mark Comerford on all thing’s restriction – with Jocke Heuer and Thomas Karlinger. Read this blog post to find out what happened at the Flexibility for Movement Efficiency and Movement Health Masterclass

Kinetic Control: a Focus on The Netherlands

15th October 2018

Since the beginning of the Kinetic Control journey, courses in The Netherlands have proved incredibly popular - this remains so today. As a territory, the Netherlands possesses many experienced manual therapists however, these clinicians have not been averse to adopting a clinical framework which centres upon a movement testing and retraining approach (Kinetic Control).

Kinetic Control: it's a global movement in any language

20th September 2018

Highlighting just some of the upcoming Kinetic Control courses around the world, we draw attention to several key events happening over the next couple of months.

The Kinetic Control Clinical Reasoning Framework

12th September 2018

 The Kinetic Control clinical reasoning framework supplies a systemized process to consider this outcome through the assessment and subsequent retraining of movement, whilst taking into account the other factors influencing the bigger clinical picture.

The Kinetic Control journey to India

20th August 2018

The journey of Kinetic Control in India started in the February 2011 when Sarah first delivered a 5-day course in Mumbai.

The Movement Solution

13th August 2018

The Movement Solution:

More than 100 hours of face to face expertise: Time for an education in Movement Health

Current practice for long term individualised outcomes

9th July 2018

We all know everyone moves differently and we need to give our patients the right retraining at the right time. Read this blog post to see how you can benefit from Kinetic Control.