With just 15 days of intensive training to revolutionise your clinical practice. This is our specially developed fast track route to mastering the KC process.


Movement Solution

If you have decided that Kinetic Control offers the right solution for you, then by the end of this 15 day inclusive course you will be fully equipped to diagnose, classify and implement motor control retraining of uncontrolled movement.

Recently updated, the module is full of new material based on current research - the perfect route to become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist.

  • You will become an expert in the diagnosis, classification and motor control retraining of uncontrolled movement at the lumbar spine, hip, cervical spine and shoulder girdle

  • Learn the skills to find the all-important link between uncontrolled movement and symptoms, disability, recurrence and dysfunction

  • The quickest and most efficient way to enhance your service delivery

  • Become fully equipped to put the latest research findings into practice



Our 2 new Masterclasses take The Movement Solution further into understanding how to manage multi-joint dysfunctions, clinical differentiation and strategies for best dealing with concurrent neck, upper rib, shoulder and arm pain and lower leg, lumbar and pelvic pain

The Movement Solution - Two

The Movement Solution TWO

This 5 day Masterclass takes The Movement Solution further into understanding how to manage multijoint dysfunctions.


The Movement Solution THREE

Explore the evaluation of uncontrolled movement and movement control retraining for the elbow, forearm and hand and knee, ankle and foot.


The Movement Solution - Three

Kinetic Control courses are designed for medical health professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists etc registered with the HPC. In exceptional circumstances experienced non medical health professionals may be allowed to attend Kinetic Control courses but these participants MUST be able demonstrate that the course material is within their scope of practice and that they have appropriate professional liability insurance to cover them for their attendance at the course and the course content.

This course has both theortical and practical elements. Please come prepared for the practical work.