Physiotherapy Training and expert Skills Development

How your patients’ move influences their experience of everyday life, sometimes with significant consequences. Everyone moves differently and there is no right or wrong way. However, movement CONTROL impairments can cause big problems that you’ll need to fix. This is why how you diagnose and manage each person is so important.

Will KC physio training help you?

There’s every chance that our ongoing skills development will be of use to you if you have an interest in movement and physiotherapy assessment - whether you already provide therapy, rehabilitation, health promotion, injury prevention or a risk reduction programme.

Kinetic Control champions Movement Health, moving patients out of pain and towards the possession of long-term movement efficiency, supporting a life full of participation, performance and realised potential.

In the rehab environment our training will suit those working in neuro rehab, amputee rehab, with paediatrics and those dealing with musculoskeletal presentations.

Whatever your current role, if you’re looking to continue your professional development, Kinetic Control offers scope for significantly increasing your understanding of  the control of movement and functional movement assessment.


Over the past 20 years our fantastic team have taught in 28 countries and presented in 12 languages. So why not contact us if you’d like KC physiotherapy training in your location. You too can become part of our world-wide network of practitioners.


Over the years, we’ve taught many professionals including:

  • Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Podiatrists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Sport therapists


Kinetic Control provides a comprehensive training and expert skill development that can improve the whole process.

Functional Movement Assessment & Training

For twenty years we have led the way in physio training. In that time, hundreds of movement specialists have benefited and are able to help their patients by putting more effective strategies in place. Now you can do the same.

Flexible functional movement training options are important, so we’ve designed a programme that allows you to work towards accreditations in a timeframe that suits you. It’s a mix of theoretical and practical study that builds on your current qualifications to help you advance as a practitioner.

You can choose to enhance your skill acquisition through these different routes

Therapists with a movement control background can join at any level.

The 'fast track' route to becoming a Kinetic Control Therapist. This 15 day course will enable you to master the KC process quickly and comprehensively.


Movement Solution 

Build a bespoke programme that enables you to learn at your own pace and progress though our modules and masterclasses.



Kinetic Control's innovative and interactive online modules and presentations



A route for students wishing to study Motor Control Retraining of Movement Dysfunction.


MSc Credits at Keele University

By the end you’ll have the confidence and expertise to assess, diagnose, classify and retrain
movement efficiency.