suzanne tang

If you asked Suzanne to describe her work in one sentence, she would say” I assist people to move better so that they can do whatever they want.”

Suzanne is working as a physiotherapist in private practice and also teaches Pilates and GYROKINESIS®.

Her clients include people suffering from severe pain and trying to move easier, dancers desiring to achieve better performance, from children to elderly. And they all had one goal “move better, feel better and do more.”

Been trained in ballet and Chinese folk dance for more than 15 years, Suzanne has a special sense of body movements. Prior to learning anything about physiotherapy, she knew that the essentials of remarkable performance were to use the right muscles, which were correct movement patterns, and that was the key to avoiding injuries.

Graduated from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan and became a physiotherapist, Suzanne realised not only the dance performance but the whole neuro-musculoskeletal health was highly related to how people used their body and moved. She also recognized that to optimize treatment outcome, patient must correct movement faults through movement control practicing.  People have to learn how to control their own body.

When she started to delve deeply into movements, learning the contents of the Movement Solution Course by Kinetic Control, a lot of questions in her mind were clarified. Every individual moves diversely and there is absolutely not a right or wrong way. There’s nothing wrong unless it’s out of controlled. The key is “control”.

Kinetic Control is not only just about a technique, but a concept, a whole thinking process. Being familiar with this logical thinking process helped her integrate all the knowledge and technique she had learned from the post graduated education course, including manual therapy and movement therapy course, into her clinical practice, training programs for dancers, Pilates and GYROKINESIS® teaching. All of her clients had significant progress with the new treating, teaching and training program.

Suzanne believes that Kinetic Control Course enables therapists to have a further understanding of movements, and to know how to evaluate and implement retraining strategies in a more effective and efficient way; moreover, to assist clients move better, feel better and do more.

Suzanne integrates medical and physio knowledge with her own movement experience (dancing, Pilates, GYROKINESIS®….etc.) to assist people to move in a safe, healthy and efficient way so that people can have a better quality of life and achieve better performance.

The precious knowledge which promotes quality of human’s life like Kinetic Control ought to be spread vigorously and more prevailing to people in different languages. Suzanne is devoting herself to be a bridge between two cultures in different languages, and to facilitate knowledge exchange and communication, which enriches people’s lives with better qualities thanks to their therapists with this helpful know-how. That’s the reason why she's so passionate about teaching for Kinetic Control both in Chinese and English.




士萱目前於復健科診所擔任自費物理治療師。同時也教授彼拉提斯(Pilates) 以及脊椎螺旋運動(GYROKINESIS®)。


士萱的個案包括長期飽受肌肉骨骼疼痛的患者、希望能提升表現的舞者;從小孩到年長者皆有。這些個案都有同樣的目標­­­──「動得更輕鬆,過得更舒適,活得更充實 (move better, feel better and do more.) 」!



 當她更加深入鑽研動作科學,並接觸Kinetic Control系列課程後,許多心中的疑問得到了更清楚的解答。關鍵是「控制」的能力。她領悟到每個人都用自己獨特的方式使用身體,其實並沒有絕對的對與錯,問題是發生在失去控制身體的能力時。

Kinetic Control不只是一種技術,而且是一套概念,一套有系統的思考方式;這套思考方式,讓我的臨床思考更加清晰,讓我能更有邏輯地將畢業後不斷進修學習的各種徒手、運動治療課程的理論、技術整合,並輕鬆應用於臨床治療、訓練舞者、彼拉提斯及GYROKINESIS®­­­教學,同時我也看見了個案突飛猛進的改善與進步。

Kinetic Control 課程能使專業醫療人員對動作有更深一層的了解,更加清楚如何全面地評估,如何為個案訂定復健、動作訓練計畫,使治療與訓練更加有效及更有效率,協助個案動得更輕鬆,過得更舒適,活得更充實。


萱也認為,像Kinetic Control這種幫助人們提升生活品質與健康的珍貴專業知識,應廣泛地普及於各地的專業人員,語言不應該成為知識傳播與增進人類福祉的阻礙。成為兩種語言、文化間的橋樑,使知識的傳遞、溝通與討論更加快速流暢,更多治療師可以更有效率地學習這些知識!有更多人因他們的治療師而受惠並擁有更好的生活品質!只要想到這些,便令士萱振奮不已。這就是士萱如此熱衷於以中、英文教授Kinetic Control課程的原因。