beate stindt

Moved by movement. ‘One day, Kinetic Control will be the basis of how physios treat throughout the world’

After her initial exposure to Kinetic Control in her native South Africa, Beate was so inspired by the systemised movement focussed process she took the decision to move to the UK to further her skills. As part of the tutor team, her extensive clinical experience and belief in the system helps other physios from all over the world to see movement and its potential through the lens of Kinetic Control.   

This belief in the power of movement extends both personally and professionally, and as a passionate and experienced sportsperson, Beate enjoys ultra-challenges, especially trail running and Ironmans. Against this backdrop and knowledge of going through the ‘hard yards’, Beate has unique insight into patients with running-related injuries and issues. Indeed, for her ‘movement’ is the ‘solution’, stating her pet hate as hearing that patients have been told to stop running because it’s bad for their backs and knees. She believes that movement combined with the skills of a well-trained physio, can keep individuals of all backgrounds injury free and in good Movement Health. 

Beate believes Kinetic Control continues to further the field of physiotherapy, hoping one day, Kinetic Control will be the basis of how all physios treat throughout the world.