Specialists in Movement Control

Kinetic Control is part of Movement Performance Solutions. We provide world class eduction, consultancy, training and products in movement control to physiotherapists and professionals working in the sport, health, rehabilitation and exercise & fitness industries.

Movement performance Solutions

Movement Performance Solutions supply innovative, evidence based education and training to movement professionals and therapists to better understand, prevent and manage musculoskeletal injury and pain in their patients, players and clients. 

Education in Movement

Our internationally recognised assessment framework and retraining strategy offers a structured approach to help therapists optimise movement health and reduce recurrence of pain and enhance patients’ quality of life. We deliver training and expert skills development to physiotherapists & physical therapists to help people move better, feel better and do more.


The Business of Movement

TPM PRO is a unique business solution built around the movement management system of The Performance Matrix and the movement health philosophy. This is the natural next step from the KC process. The TPM Pro Business Solution, supplies a complete movement management system sitting neatly within a clinic ready framework to fast track those with a movement health vision in making their goal real. Key to our process is The Performance Matrix Platform supplying a digital health offering to the day to day business of movement; a state of the art tool to compliment clinicians’ skills. This comprises online movement assessment, individual profile report of movement faults, client focused exercise.

TPM Elite
Elite Movement Management

TPM Elite is an elite movement management system, process, and consultancy service accessible to those operating at the very highest level within the performance arena. This is built around The Performance Matrix, the finest resolution movement analysis tool on the market. Our bespoke consultancy roles, TPM Elite, have allowed us to work with this system alongside elite sports teams and individual athletes competing at the highest level. Such collaborations has helped teams to promotion success and financial savings by keeping small squads of players on the field and off the treatment table and enabling individuals to achieve measurable gains.
The Performance Matrix is used by Premier League Football Clubs, leading rugby clubs, leading ballet companies, international institute of sports, the military and a wide range of professional and amateur athletes.

TPM Active
Keeping the active, active and proactive prevention

Keeping the active, active and the performers in the race. Alongside those purely performance focussed groups are a huge range of recreational exercisers and everyday people, we describe as TPM Active, who are enjoying their movement and lifestyle choices following contact with our system.

Our Team

Accredited Tutors who have completed a rigorous course of training and are qualified to deliver Kinetic Control training courses anywhere in the world.


KC Movement Therapists

Our KCMTs have studied the Kinetic Control
process to a Masters level standard