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The Power of Movement Assessment for Recurrent Low Back Pain

KC tutor Danielle Debbrecht delivers a Low Back course at Stillwater Physical Therapy, Bannockburn, IL on 8-9 November 2014


LIVE monthly webinars with Mark Comerford

Starting this August you can sign up to join Mark's latest seminars online. Read on for full details ...



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Proximal control influnces medial tibial pain

The importance of assessing proximal control


Patrik Pedersen contributes a chapter on Kinetic Control

in Swedish text Motor Control and Pain Rehab


Physiotherapy Training & Courses in Movement Control


Best Practice in Movement Control

Kinetic Control delivers an established evidence based and evolving system for movement analysis and management of uncontrolled movement.


Find out more about our principles and processes of motor control training courses, online learning and publications.


We are an international network with published research and resources including Kinetic Control The Management of Uncontrolled Movement by Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram


Build on your current evidence based practice to effectively manage pain improve function, correct impairments and prevent recurrence.



Kinetic Control from Movement Performance Solutions the movement control specialists


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